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Bitesize empowers your team to have 1-on-1 conversations with thousands of leads and customers at once. 

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Conversation Lifecycle Management at scale for Potential, Current and Former Customers

Bulk text messaging

Zero-Second Response

Zero-sec response

Intelligent Drip SMS 

Zombie leads revival

Two-way personalized bulk text messaging with all major CRMs

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Bulk personalized SMS for sales teams

Revive old leads and run outbound drip campaigns with TCPA-Compliant bulk text messaging

  • 98% of outbound texts sent via Bitesize are read within 3 minutes*
  • 65% reply rate to Zero-second SMS response* 
  • 30% revival rate of zombie leads*

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Zero-second text response closes deals faster

The best time to respond to an inbound lead is within 5 minutes of submitting a webform. 

Research shows that responding to an inbound lead any later than 5 minutes reduces the odds of qualifying by 400%*

Stop wasting your inbound leads.

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Collaboration tool

Trigger personalized SMS conversations at every stage of your customer lifecycle

With custom fields and triggers, you can automatically message your customers based on where they are in their customer lifecycle. 

Send birthday texts, notify them of payment issues or remind them to leave a review with Bitesize

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Message team members

Your old leads are just sleeping. Wake them up. 

Email nurture campaigns are not going to wake up your old leads. But text messages will. SDRs or sales people can pick up the conversation when human intervention is required, so it's a seamless experience for the customer. 

  • 25% response rates - on average - to Bitesize cold SMS
  • Chat without sharing personal numbers
  • Assign messages to your team

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Automatically segment, tag and manage your leads

Bitesize's machine learning algorithms uses sentiment analysis to automatically tag and highlight positive responses for your sales team to follow up

Customizing your text messaging campaign by lead segments also helps you craft the right message for each demographic

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