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Bitesize helps you connect with members through personalized bulk text messaging for marketing, lending and collections

Bitesize is next-generation texting software. We let you have good, meaningful conversations with thousands of people at once - all your leads and members. Good conversations are the cornerstone of any relationship. With Bitesize, you can start good conversations that lead to new loans and to faster payments.

Zero Second Lead Response

Get and Sign Documents

Lost Lead Revival

Appointment Booking

Appointment Confirmation

Get Reviews

Automatic follow ups

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Make marketing easy

Be the first to respond to the lead. And that's from any lead source, not just your website. Increase membership more quickly. Conduct surveys

Request reviews, conduct surveys, announce new products. Smoothly route replies to marketing messages to other departments new product announcements,

And with automated follow-up, you can have Bitesize do the follow-up work for you.

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Lend safely, lend quickly

Tired of delays waiting to hear back from applicants? People respond to text messages, and they respond fast.

Your applicants can easily take photos of documents and send them straight from their phones, so no more delays waiting for them to find old tech like scanners and fax machines.

Plus, automated follow-up can wake up leads who go silent.

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Reduce charge-offs right away

Before borrowers go to collections, head them off at the pass. A polite text right at the moment of a missed payment is the quickest, most effective way to get borrowers back on track. You can set it and forget it in your CRM, so a personalized, discrete text goes out right at the moment the payment is first missed.

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Bitesize empowers your collections team to be discrete, polite and effective.

A discrete text is more polite than an invasive phone call, especially for something sensitive like collections. Bitesize helps your collections team set follow-up sequences of texts to increase collections and reduce delinquency

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Make payments a breeze

Making a payment should be easy. On-time or past-due, Bitesize lets you add links so your members can pay on-the-go. By removing friction from payments, you can reduce delinquency, and improve member experience, all while getting paid faster and more easily.

This is a no-brainer.

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