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Bitesize helps you speed up your sales with personalized bulk text messaging to close more deals faster.

Zero Second Lead Response

Unsold / Lost Lead Revival

Appointment booking

Appointment Confirmation

Lease Retention

Buy backs / KBBs

Automatic follow ups

Personal BDC

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Be the first dealer to respond to the lead, without the sweat.

Zero Second Response makes sure you are the most responsive dealer in your market. It automatically sends a text message to every new lead. It customizes message to each lead source and type, so the lead is already warmed up by the time you are at your desktop.

Did you know? The first dealer to get hold of customers is 3x more likely to earn the visit.

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Win potential lost deals without the headache.

Bitesize proactively reaches out to your older leads that are unsold or lost from the CRM and turn them into a hot engaged lead.

  • 2 weeks - 180 day old leads
  • Internet Up
  • Phone Up
  • Showroom Up
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Watch the appointments get booked in your CRM

Don't have time to respond to every single lead that's in your CRM? Activate Bitesize assistant and she will add extra appointments from your unsold or lost records.

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Increase your show rate

Spending time manually confirming appointments? Automate it and spend your valuable time calling customers that aren't going to show.

Confirmed appointments are 23% more likely to show

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Retain your lease customers with no effort

Brand loyalty is at the ultimate low and buyers are surrounded with options. Let Bitesize automatically engage your next 3 months' lease expiration and bring them to your showroom.

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Handle your buy backs and KBBs

Need inventory? Reach back out to older customers and bring them back in. You build up your inventory with buy backs, and when they're in the store, you can move more metal. 

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Your personal BDC at fraction of the cost

Want to text, but you don't have anyone to handle the conversations? Leave it to us. Our system can book the appointments for you. Turn on Bitesize, your calendar fills with appointments. It's that simple. 

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