The Only SMS-first Sales Engagement Platform that Sells Start to Finish

Maximize your profits and bottom line with our automated text messages. Keep it all in one place in your CRM and let it bring your team hot lead engagements.

Bitesize app text sms sales

Upgrade your Sales, Service, and Retention Engine with automated SMS.

Let Bitesize do the work of activating leads for your sales team through text message automation

Collaboration tool

Achieve Zero-Second Lead Response Time.

Connect with your lead immediately. Not hours later when they check their email or voicemail. SMS for sales works. While you reps are sending emails and leaving voicemails, your leads are researching your competitors and making decisions. A text from their personal sales concierge right when they show a buying signal? That's a game changer. 

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Automate Text Messaging Follow Ups and Catch More Deals

Your leads don't want you to call. They don't answer unknown numbers, don't check their voicemails, and have 10,000 unread emails. Texting works. With Bitesize, you can set text message cadences for when the lead first arrives inbound through months out.

Message team members

3x Your Meetings by Automating Confirmations

Confirming meetings increases show-up rates. 95% of text messages are read in the first 3 minutes. Automated meeting confirmations via text means fewer no-shows and more sales. 

  • Set this up in your CRM
  • Automatically route the messages from the relevant rep
  • Track all the messaging

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Win More Referral Deals and Get more Reviews by Automating Post-Sales Text Messaging

Reaching out to customers to get reviews can be a drag. It's hard to incentivize account managers to do it, and it's hard to manage them to make sure they do. Customers are not answering the emails requesting them to do it. So why not text them? You'll get 3x the results with way less effort. 

We already have features you need, together in one tool.

Task management

QuickBite automatic SMS lead response

Be the first to respond to leads with automatic SMS responses


Revive Old Leads

There's still deals to be had in your 30- 60- and 90-day-old leads. One click will show you where the money is.


Automated Sales Follow-ups

Don't let follow-up fall off. Bitesize automation texts the customer in a way that feels real and gets results.


Automatic Appointment Confirmation

Confirmation cuts down on no-shows. Automate it.


Automatic Referral Requests

A polite request for a referral brings results. Automate it.


Automate Upselling

Want to tell your customers about a new product launch? Do you know when your customer displays an upsell signal? Automate SMS outreach to convert more.


Automate Review Requests

If you ask a customer for a review, they're 6 times more likely to give one. 

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Let us show you how to close more deals faster. 

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