“The strongest thing in the world is a dream." - Jess Lee

Jess grew up an undocumented immigrant in Los Angeles.

She taught herself English in high school and applied to 24 colleges. She received 24 rejection letters. She wrote back to Bryn Mawr College informing them that she would be arriving in the fall, so they had better rethink their rejection. They gave her a full-ride scholarship. 

After graduating with a double major in physics and political science, Jess was able to get a work permit through the DACA program and she got a job in banking. She worked nights as an activist, and discovered that there was no easy way to connect with dozens or hundreds of people to organize demonstrations. So she taught herself to code and built a texting tool. 

A few years later, after being accepted into an accelerator, Jess arrived in San Francisco with $50 in her pocket. She slept on a beanbag in the accelerator office for three months, until revenue from her first customers paid for rent. 

In 2018, she started Bitesize. She now holds a green card and has a house in San Francisco, which she shares with her husband and her little dog, Coco. 

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