Here's why your sales team should stop using personal cellphones to text customers

by Edward Oser in December 15th, 2020
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The first truth about sales is this: Customers pull the trigger on purchases when they trust the brand, and they trust their salesperson.

Creating relationships with prospects is vital to building a healthy sales pipeline. Smart sales folks know that texting is the best way to connect with prospects, even if it means utilizing their personal phones to do so. 

It’s understandable why this is an industry practice. If employees can use their preferred apps for text messaging, it makes sense not to purchase an additional texting software. Businesses allow employees to text clients from their personal phone as it is cost effective by not purchasing separate phones and service plans. While it is proven that text messaging is a way to produce warm leads and close deals faster, using a personal device may not be the best answer. 

Your customer's data is at risk

It’s important to consider the confidential information exchanged in a text thread with a client. Details like first and last names, residential addresses, date of birth and even financial information are often discussed in text exchanges with customers. When an employee moves on from the company, loses their phone or it ends up stolen, vital client information is now out of the company’s control. It’s actually easy for texts to be accessed by malicious parties

If your sales department uses their personal phones to text clients without secure software, these reasons below may prompt you to adopt a safer option. 

Clients care about their confidential information remaining secure and your company should care about keeping it safe. Each time a client and a salesperson exchanges personal information over text whether it be via phone or a secure platform, your company is liable to ensure the security of those conversations. 

Your sales team can’t be efficient

Here’s another truth: Most salespeople are better on the phone than writing emails or texts. There’s a reason for why marketing teams write email campaigns or marketing campaigns. By letting your sales people text leads, you may not be efficiently engaging your leads. 

Instead, consider using templatized messages. Templates are a great way to quickly engage thousands of leads with some personalization fields (e.g. first name, desired car, etc). They can be tested for reply rates and engagement and can be optimized for sales very easily. 

This can be so much better than forcing your sales team to compose their own messages! 

Managing multiple conversations becomes very hard

Another issue with using personal phones is that it becomes very hard for a salesperson to manage multiple conversations with leads; most people can manage 5-10 concurrent conversations at the same time. 

But what if you’re engaging 100? or a thousand?

This quickly becomes a nightmare of crossed conversations and messed up tracking of leads. 

Feeling stuck? Use Bitesize! 

This is where Bitesize comes in. Bitesize is a secure, fully TCPA-compliant bulk SMS platform that allows you to deliver personalized text messages to customers with human interaction. Use Bitesize in your sales organization to create and foster long-term relationships and conversations with customers in a breeze.

With threaded conversations, templatized messages and a secure, TCPA-compliant customer platform, you can engage your customers while keeping their data secure inside your organization.

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