Why text messaging is much more effective than cold calling 

by Jess Lee in December 23rd, 2020

As tech evolves it’s important to center your business needs around innovative change. Sales professionals were long told “Hit the phones!”, but a new way of communication is here, and it is text messaging. Clients are becoming more comfortable with texting than phone calls. As many folks are now accustomed to receiving spam calls, cold texting is a way into a prospects’ proverbial ear while eliminating the potential of them hitting the ignore button. Sending a text is a simple, unobtrusive way to communicate with people. Once looked at as casual, texting has become more accepted as a convenient way to communicate professionally. 

Younger generations prefer texting over calling, once you’ve set up a meeting or networked at an event, most sales professionals will benefit from knowing a prospect’s cell phone number. Texting a prospect is seen as a useful way to stay in touch and develop relationships in the sales pipeline. Studies also show texting can be used to deliver a better customer experience

Higher Open Rates

In sales, maximizing your output is essential while reaching out to prospects as this can be a very time consuming and taxing part of your workload. When reaching out to a prospect, calls can be ignored and blocked. Oftentimes, E-mails go unread, an average of just 1% of cold e-mails receive a response. When comparing, a study showed, 98% of texts are opened, with 9 out of 10 being opened within 3 minutes.

While texting should become a big tool on your sales team, it is just one medium of communication. While it is convenient, it shouldn’t be used from beginning to end when prospecting a client. There are a few things to keep in mind while thinking about texting a prospect. 

Call First

Reaching out via cold text can significantly reduce the chances of getting a callback. It can be seen as too effortless and forward. Studies show that when you text prior to meeting with a new prospect via phone they are 40% less likely to reply and 4.9% less likely to purchase anything. On the bright side, if you text after the initial meeting, you have a much better chance of staying on the prospects’ radar, with conversions that double that of prospects that are contacted via email after an initial call.

Maintain Professionalism 

When deciding to reach out to a prospect over text, stick to relevant questions, answers, information and planning to arrange a call/meeting or a demo. Keep in mind that while you are texting, it is still a professional conversation. Shy away from shorthand text (i.e. OMG, LOL, TTYL), emojis and gifs. Make sure if your phone uses autocorrect, it correctly conveys your message and not inadvertently making you sound silly. 

Texting and using social media have made people more expressive and instantly reachable, with that being said, salespeople should approach sales texts with the same professionalism as an email. This means sending text during business hours and not on a Friday at 10pm. 

A sales professional should absolutely text a prospect. In a world of instant gratification, texting can be better than an e-mail or a call. Texts are more likely to be read and can improve the chances of meeting a potential client and ultimately, increasing conversion rates. 

Sales teams’ that care about increasing sales should use Bitesize. 

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